BloodTrack® Hemosafe
Blood Management Beyond the Blood Bank

BloodTrack Hemosafe Benefits

The Bloodtrack Hemosafe system provides control of blood movement and inventory beyond the blood bank:

Reduces the time taken to provide blood to patients
Eliminates unnecessary allocating and labeling of blood units
Reduces overall blood inventory by reducing the number of pre-allocated units
Reduces the number of journeys each blood bag makes between the blood bank and remote refrigerators
Reduces the actual blood usage since blood is only removed if actually required
Improves the overall management of blood stocks
Reduces the chance of blood unit expiry
Increases security of remote blood units
Tracks every blood unit when it moves in and out of Hemosafe locations
Provides detailed reports, including unit histories, refrigerator inventories, and current locations of all blood units

BloodTrack Hemosafe is the World's Most Advanced Blood Refrigerator

BloodTrack Hemosafe allows allocated and unallocated blood units to be stored outside of the blood bank and dispensed safely in less than 60 seconds! This provides remote locations such as emergency rooms, operating theaters, and other hospitals with access to blood when they need it without having to contact the blood bank.

BloodTrack Hemosafe Saves Time and Money

In most blood banks, a lot of time is spent allocating and labeling blood bags that do not get transfused, more time is then wasted returning these units back to stock. Hemosafe stores unallocated blood so that users can safely allocate a unit when, where and only if it's needed. For example, in the operating room, instead of cross-matching 4 units of blood and sending them ahead of time, the anesthetist can allocate units using Hemosafe as they are needed. This saves the time and money associated with the transport, cross-matching, labeling and additional inventory of units that aren't transfused.

BloodTrack Hemosafe Increases Safety

BloodTrack Hemosafe provides access to only the most appropriate blood unit for the patient by opening only one of its individually locking 150 compartments (or HemoNine with 9 locking drawers), and only after the patient has been correctly identified. This helps ensure that the right blood is removed for the right patient.

Hemosafe does not make decisions on the electronic cross-match eligibility of patients or the assignment specific blood units, it communicates with your blood establishment computer system (BECS) for this information.

BloodTrack Hemosafe is Flexible and Adaptable

You can customize BloodTrack Hemosafe to suit your needs. Blood unit identifiers (ISBT, CBS, Red Cross), audible and visual messages, and level of integration with your Blood Bank system can be all be customized to work the way you do. Hemosafe is also fully integrated into the comprehensive BloodTrack suite allowing you to easily expand your electronic blood management system.

BloodTrack Hemosafe is Easy to Use

The BloodTrack Hemosafe refrigerators are equipped with touch-screens so you do not need a mouse or keyboard to use BloodTrack Hemosafe. It's simple and easy to use and can be used by anyone with minimal training. When errors are detected during movement of blood units or transfusion of blood units, the Blood Bank is instantly alerted via both visual and audible means. This enables Blood Bank staff to be proactive and intercede at the earliest opportunity in order to minimize potential consequences. The system also maintains a detailed audit trail of the Blood Bank staff member that viewed each error and the action that was taken to correct the problem.

BloodTrack Hemosafe Helps Ensure the Patient Receives the Right Blood

BloodTrack Hemosafe ensures that blood units match the corresponding patient information before dispensing blood to make sure that only right blood can be removed for the right patient. This is done by allowing access to only the right blood compartment.

BloodTrack Hemosafe Maintains a Complete Audit Trail

Each time that a blood unit is handled, the system verifies the following:

The person handling the blood unit is authorized
The blood unit has not passed its expiry date
The blood unit cross-match has not passed its dereservation (reserved until) date
The blood unit is the oldest available for the specified patient
The blood unit has not been outside of refrigeration longer than appropriate

Each event recorded in the audit can be viewed by BloodTrack Manager and includes the following information:

Type of event
Location of the event
Kiosk that was used
Blood unit
Date and time
Any error generated by the event

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