Press Release  

Product Article Date
BloodTrack Suite Royal Bournemouth Case Study Video Oct 2008
LacTrack SafeLx Global News LacTrack Video Aug 2008
LacTrack SafeLx Dorothy Dougherty Video Testimonial Mar 2008
BloodTrack Suite BloodTrack Increases Hospital Efficiency - Study Mar 2008
BloodTrack Suite ALSG BloodTrack Brochure May 2008
Alsg ALSG Case Study Brochure May 2008
Alsg ALSG Path Collect Brochure May 2008
Alsg SATO Announce Strategic Alliance Mar 2008
LacTrack SafeLx Neoteric Wins Microsoft MS-HUG Award 2008 Mar 2008
LacTrack SafeLx Neoteric and Sunnybrook NICU Press Release Jan 2008
BloodTrack Suite AABB Consulting Report on BloodTrack Nov 2007
BloodTrack Suite Neoteric and Mediware Agreement July 2007
BloodTrack Suite Neoteric Wins Major IT Award for UK May 2007
BloodTrack Suite University of New Mexico Press Release Apr 2007
BloodTrack Tx MLO Online Barcoding for Blood Bank White Paper Jan 2007
All Products Neoteric Fact Sheet Jan 2007
BloodTrack Suite BloodTrack 510(k) Clearance Press Release Nov 2006
BloodTrack Suite National Patient Safety Association Press Release Nov 2006
BloodTrack Tx Symbol's Sunnybrook Case Study Oct 2006
BloodTrack Tx Vancouver General Hospital Newsletter Jul 2006
BloodTrack Suite Transfusion Journal Article - Electronic Control Mar 2006
BloodTrack Courier Oxford Hospitals Awards Mar 2006
BloodTrack Courier Oxford Hospital's Dr. Michael Murphy Nov 2005
AutoPPI Royal Brompton Implementation Analysis Oct 2005
BloodTrack Tx John Radcliffe Case Study Oct 2005
BloodTrack Tx Transfusion Journal Article - Bedside Barcoding Sep 2003
BloodTrack Tx Oxford Hospitals News Feb 2002
PathRequest Gateshead Hospital - Newcastle Journal Nov 2001
BloodTrack Courier Leeds Hospital Annual Report Sep 2001
BloodTrack Courier NHS Trust Deployment Jun 2001
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